REVOLADE has a favorable safety profile in SAA1

The safety profile of REVOLADE in treatment-naive patients was consistent with that seen in refractory SAA patients1

  • Adverse reactions were observed differently in the treatment-naive (N=153) than in
    refractory SAA patients

  • Newly observed skin discoloration including skin hyperpigmentation (5.4%)

  • Higher frequency of increase in blood bilirubin (17.4%)

  • The safety profile in pediatric patients (n=37) was consistent with the safety profile
    observed in the overall population1

  • Fifteen (10%) patients had a cytogenetic abnormality reported, including 7 patients
    1 patient of whom the bone marrowwho had loss of chromosome 7 and had features of dysplasia1

SAA, severe aplastic anemia.​

*Representative of Cohorts 1, 2, and 3.
† Two patients (1 in Cohort 2 and 1 in Cohort 3) experienced a severe adverse reaction and discontinued REVOLADE as a result.